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Hi everyone!

My name is Pooja and most of you probably know me from my Instagram, @theroadtobalance. I am 21 year old senior in college who has a passion for eating right and staying active. I am a Psychology and Theatre double major at school; I study Psychology with an emphasis on Health and Illness and plan to focus my research on eating disorders and eating pathology, particularly in women and athletes. I also am studying Theatre with a playwriting emphasis; someday I hope to write a sitcom on a network like Fox or NBC. I also hope to eventually get my Ph.D. in Marketing and do research on how to best understand consumer behavior in regards to diet culture and how to best get people to eat healthy without disordered eating habits (i.e. through eliminating food guilt, obsessive calorie counting, etc.)

I grew up overweight my entire life, never caring about exercise or sports or feeding myself properly. In 2011 however, I realized that I needed to make a change to my unhealthy lifestyle. I experienced some success but also many struggles and setbacks. In February of 2013, during my first year of college, I had gained back about fifteen pounds of the weight I had lost in 2011 and I realized that in order to be healthy and successful, I had to make a lifestyle change. I ended up developing an obsession for eating right and working out and in turn have lost a total of over 50 pounds.  Now, I am not only an active student but also a competitive athlete on my school's NCAA Division III crew team. While healthy eating and exercise is very important, I am all about balance and am learning every day how to achieve a life of moderation. Here you will find recipes, product reviews, food porn, and posts about how I balance college/sports/friends/and everything else. Enjoy!
May 2011 to September 2013

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